Sep 30, 2014

Bunny Caprice

So far I have crocheted quite traditional amigurumis. I found some inspiration from the Internet and so I decided to crochet something not so traditional. Something with a triangular body, long slim ears, goofy looking eyes... And out came a bunny which I call Bunny Caprice.
These little guys, ok not so little, measure 21-22 cm with ears. I used the crochet hook 2.75 mm (C) and acrylic yarn from DK weight (50 g = 133 m). I don't like acrylic at all, but as I have it in different colours in my yarn stash I just have to use it to get rid of it :D

Aug 26, 2014

Turvaninad ning käsitsi maalitud turvasilmad

Kuna endale on aegadega kogunenud üksjagu turvasilmi ja turvaninasid, siis mõtlesin, et panen mõned neist müüki. Ühtlasi on müügis ka minu poolt käsitsi maalitud turvasilmad erinevates suurustes ja värvides. Ajapikku maalin neid kindlasti ka juurde.
Pärnus, Paikusel ja Sindis saan tooted ise kohale tuua, mujale saab need väikesed vidinad kenasti ka turvaümbrikus saata (lihtkirjana).
Silmad ja ninad saad endale tellida minu Facebooki poest, mis asub SIIN (seal saab maksta ainult PayPali kaudu) või vaadata pakkumisi siinsel MÜÜGIKS lehelt (vt üleval). Tellimuse võid esitada ka meili teel või FB kaudu sõnumites ja siis saab maksta ka pangaülekandega (või Pärnus/Sindis/Paikusel vajadusel ka sularahas) ;)

Aug 16, 2014

Doll Dea

Although I have two sons and there aren't any dolls in our house, I decided to crochet a doll. This is my first crochet doll ever. So far I have crocheted only animals and other creatures. Even from other designers. So I was a bit nervous how would it turn out. All in all I'm quite satisfied with the final result ;)
I started with legs and body, then did the arms and finally the head. As you can see on the photos I tried two different hair types: straight and curly ones. And I must say, I love them both. I kept the pattern quite simple, because the hair takes a lot of time and effort. I hope you like this doll too. Pattern is available in my Ravelry store and in my Etsi shop as well.  Enjoy!

Aug 5, 2014

Ant Rudy

This little guy is a small ant looking for some friends. He even put on a bow tie and brought a flower to be polite and hopes you like the flower too. That is why he has a slightly asking face. 
You can buy the pattern on my Ravelry store: Buy now.

I used 100% bamboo yarn (50g / 300m) for the ant. I love this yarn cause it is soooo smooth and soft and quite easy to work with. The ant measures 12 cm (with antennae) and has oval 6x9 mm safety eyes.


Jul 3, 2014

Puppy Buddy

This little puppy came to my mind about a week ago. I had fuzzy grey yarn waiting and I just started to crochet. I always begin with the head because this is usually the difficultiest part of a toy. If the head/face isn't cute enough, the toy isn't worth crocheting (imho). I gave him also a vest because the summer here in Estonia is quite cold at the moment ;) 
When the grey dog was ready I had to crochet it again with a normal yarn, to see how it looks. And it looked quite good. So I decided to share the pattern with you too. You can get it in my Etsy shop or by Ravelry.

Jun 3, 2014

Dragon Melynas

I decided to crochet a little dragon, as they are so adorable creatures. I used green and blue bamboo yarn for it (50g/300m). This yarn is SOOO soft and smooth and one just has to love it. With crochet hook 2.00 mm the dragon turned out only 13 cm in height, so it is small and cute. And the name Melynas means blue in Lithuanian ;)
You can buy the pattern in my Etsy shop or in Ravelry

May 12, 2014

Sheep Etu

A friend of mine, Kristhel asked me to make her a lot of small toys for her photography sessions. She wanted also a little sheep amongst other animals and bugs. As I couldn't find an easy and cute enough pattern for it I had to make it my own. And the result is on the photos. Download PATTERN here.
I did two versions of the sheep. One is with wider face and can stand on his/her feet, second one is with narrower face and has hanging feet. You can hang him/her somewhere or he/she can just lay around.
I used DROPS Puddel and DROPS Fabel yarn for it. Fabel is a great sock yarn (knitted socks for my older son and they seem to last forever even by everyday use). Puddel needs a bit patience but the result is worth it as you can see. 

May 2, 2014

Bunny Alexander released!

Bunny Alexander is finally ready and I released the pattern yesterday evening. It took me a bit longer as expected cause my older son got sick. But now he is quite fine again and the project is finished.

I'm not quite satisfied with the pictures I took (have to learn how to take proper photos) and presumably I have to take these again. But otherwise I think the pattern is quite OK.
This time the pattern isn't free as it took a lot of time and effort. The JÄNKS pattern was a piece of cake compared to this one ;)

You can buy the pattern on Ravelry  or at my Etsy shop ApuugasAmigurumi.

Have fun crocheting the bunny! 

Apr 17, 2014

Bunny Alexander

Bunny Alexander is my next project. 
Just finished the prototype and SOON
I'll write the pattern for you too :)

Alexander standing

Alexander sitting