May 12, 2014

Sheep Etu

A friend of mine, Kristhel asked me to make her a lot of small toys for her photography sessions. She wanted also a little sheep amongst other animals and bugs. As I couldn't find an easy and cute enough pattern for it I had to make it my own. And the result is on the photos. Download PATTERN here.
I did two versions of the sheep. One is with wider face and can stand on his/her feet, second one is with narrower face and has hanging feet. You can hang him/her somewhere or he/she can just lay around.
I used DROPS Puddel and DROPS Fabel yarn for it. Fabel is a great sock yarn (knitted socks for my older son and they seem to last forever even by everyday use). Puddel needs a bit patience but the result is worth it as you can see. 

1 comment:

  1. I think these are adorable, but am having a tough time finding the yarn to make them. Can you help?