May 12, 2014

Sheep Etu

A friend of mine, Kristhel asked me to make her a lot of small toys for her photography sessions. She wanted also a little sheep amongst other animals and bugs. As I couldn't find an easy and cute enough pattern for it I had to make it my own. And the result is on the photos. Download PATTERN here.
I did two versions of the sheep. One is with wider face and can stand on his/her feet, second one is with narrower face and has hanging feet. You can hang him/her somewhere or he/she can just lay around.
I used DROPS Puddel and DROPS Fabel yarn for it. Fabel is a great sock yarn (knitted socks for my older son and they seem to last forever even by everyday use). Puddel needs a bit patience but the result is worth it as you can see. 


  1. I think these are adorable, but am having a tough time finding the yarn to make them. Can you help?

  2. The Puddel yarn is unfortunately discontinued. But I looked up the different projects people have made with my pattern in and they have used these yarns, which give almost the same result:

    Bella Baby Parade Baby
    Red Heart Baby Clouds
    De Witte Engel Mohair
    Bernat Pipsqueak
    HiKoo by skacel Woolie Bullie
    La Corallo River
    Alize Astrakan

    OR, you can try to crochet the fuzzy part with loop stitches.